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Hellboy Sword Of Kroenen

By: United Cutlery
This authentically detailed baton sword is a reproduction of the sword prominently featured in the motion picture Hellboy, released nationwide in 2004. United Cutlery Brands, industry leader in fine movie knife and sword reproductions, has meticulously recreated the actual prop sword. Features include a 30-inch stainless steel, mirror-polished blade, with a twisted wire-wrapped handle. The German inscription on both sides of the blade reads žAlles fłr Deutfchland,Ó which translates to žEverything for Germany.Ó Each sword is presented with a wood wall display plaque, emblazoned with the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense emblem, and a certificate of authenticity. Plaque measures 33-inches by 6-inches. In the motion picture Hellboy, this baton sword was carried and used by one of the main characters, Kroenen. A practicing occultist long before WWII, the young Kroenen studied the black arts with the modern wizards Crowley and Gurdjieff. He specialized in the žleft-handedÓ path of torture and pain. With his taste for perversion, it was easy for him to devote his life to nazism, particularly in its most arcane and superstitious form. In the end, after the failure of the Reich, he chooses to give up his own soul and accept the inferno as his master. Neither death, nor flesh, can contain his evil. His body rots, as corrupted as his soul, but Kroenen cannot be stopped. It is said the sand from the ancient banks of the Nile runs in his frozen veins, while an žanti-lifeÓ mask pumps the sulphurous air of hell into his decayed lungs. Kroenen wields his knives in a form of martial arts taught only to the denizens of the inferno. ... $134.95