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About Us

At, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and in depth product knowledge. Aside from that, we also like to boast our wide and diverse selection of action figures, pop culture memorabilia, Trading Cards, and Japanese Import items. One thing our customers can expect is attention to detail when it comes to information about items, general inquiries, or customer concerns. With our weekly newsletter being sent out to over 20,000 subscribers worldwide, we offer up to date information on various products, as well as current specials, and some fun in between.

A weekly dose isn't enough? Then take a look at our daily newsletter, "The Daily Haul", spotlighting the latest products to hit the warehouse. This is just a sample of how we like to keep in contact with our customers. To, communication is key.

Toys mean fun, and that aspect is not forgotten by the staff. We know our toys. Killertoys may be one of the only websites out there with a staff of comprised of collectors with different areas of knowledge expertise. From Muppets collectors to Spawn collectors, we feel this gives us an edge over the competition and allows to offer better customer service when It comes to product inquiries. An online toy website employed with toy collectors. That's not at all. Besides the fun stuff, we also have the latest in supplies and accessories to meet the needs of the most hardcore collector.

Protective cases to keep those action figures as mint as possible along with trading card supplies can all be found here. And speaking of finding, don't forget our extensive network which we use to try and fulfill requests for figures that may not be available on our website. We'll do our best to play toy bounty hunter and find what you're looking for. That's not all. If gaming is your bag, we have a wide selection of Warhammer, Lord Of The Rings, Heroclix, Mage Knight, Mech Warrior, and many more. For the generous spender, we have current releases in the hot resin/statue genre. From Star Wars to Superman, these pieces are guaranteed to rise in value and demand.

What's in store for and our customers? We're currently working with up coming sculptors and artists to help bring their artistic visions to reality, and share them with the mainstream public. We continue to thrive in the competitive online toy retail world by offering our customers exactly what they want: service, value, selection, information, and convenience. Along with the latest and hottest toy trends. If you like what you see now, you haven't seen anything yet. We're just getting warmed up....

You can contact us at our contact page.