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Video Games: Guilty Gear

It is the 22 century. Man has discovered a clean energy source and has turned to the forces of magic. Thus ridding himself of devastating technology and ecological disaster. But was it to last? Magic then gave rise to terror and destruction just as horrible as before. The fusing of animal and human DNA together by magic gave rise to new weapons called 'Gears', unthinking beings who did as told. Then one day a gear arose, calling himself 'Justice'. He claimed to have self awarness, and could command all other gears around him. He then declared war on all humanity. The humans put aside their differences to organize themselves against the threat, and formed the order of Holy Knights. The war came to be known as the 'Crusades', and in the end, Justice was banished to a prison in another dimension. Then, years after the war, the seal is weakening, and Justice has the power to return. In response a tournament is organized to create a new order of Holy Knights to defend against Justice's return. The winner will be rewarded with one wish, and it will be granted. However, something doesn't seem quite right about the tournament...such as the welcoming of theives and convicts,and the permission to shed blood......

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SIF EX: Guilty Gear - Millia Rage
Story! Image! Figure! Extra! A Yamato Original Deadly weapon or comfy chair? You decide with this beautiful study of Millia Rage from the latest installment of Sammy Studiosí fanatically adored..... $29.95