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Anime: s CRY ed

A great earthquake came to the Kanagawa region of Japan 22 years before. After the terrible incident, the grounds became known as the Muraji Special Economic District - Lost Ground as its nickname. From the earthquake came a new evolution of humans known as Alter Users. An Alter User has the ability to create weapons called Alters by changing matter with their psychic abilities. This was only something you could be born with. Two forces were formed to control this uncontrollable land: HOLD, which was used for the normal people of the Lost Ground, and HOLY, which was completely made up by Alter Users in order to control Alter Users in the Lost Ground. Kazuma is one, however, they could not bully around. This 15-year-old Alter User lives with a girl name Kanami, though he's never home because he's always looking for jobs that need Alter Users with his best bud, Kimishima. When he gets himself into trouble by running into Ryuho and the rich brat beats him, he vows to get revenge on HOLY and make sure they remember the guy who would one day overrule them.

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